WordPress Hosting The worlds most popular CMS on the worlds most popular hosting platform.

Purpose Built WordPress Website Hosting

You can host WordPress with just about any website hosting provider. The standard requirements are PHP and MySQL as per the WordPress website.

However, if you want your WordPress website at its optimum there's a lot more involved. At UpTime Web Hosting we've purpose built a WordPress hosting solution that has been fine tuned to give your WordPress website the maximum performance, security and reliabilty possible.

What's included?

Compare our solution to other WordPress hosting companies and see if they compare on price and functionality.
If you're not happy within the first 30 days we'll refund your hosting cost back 100%!3

Cost Per Month is $7.95 or just $90 per year, inc. GST

WordPress Pre-Installed
The latest version of WordPress installed automatically when you order.

Automatic Updates
Updates are installed automatically keeping your website safe and secure.

LiteSpeed Server
Fastest webserver available with built in caching and WordPress plugin.

Cloudfare CDN Ready
Works with Cloudfare Content Delivery Network or other popular CDNs.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Fully redundant 40Gbit connection with DDoS protection.

Unlimited Email Accounts
POP/IMAP email accounts with forwarding and aliases.2

10 GB Fast Storage
High performance SSD drives with 4,000 KB/s read and write.

Super Fast Databases
MariaDB for faster performance with full MySQL compatibility.

Unlimited Accounts
Unlimited FTP accounts, Subdomains, Add on domains and Parked domains

Free SSL
Free SSL certificate for your domain, mail server and sub-domains.

Daily Backups
Your data is backed up every day with easy one-click restore.

Hardware Firewall
Full protection from malicious attacks with Fortinet firewall.

The latest cPanel
All cPanel features with the latest server upgrades. SSH access available on request.

Australian Data Center
Guaranteed Australian based data center. We don't host overseas.

Australian Help Desk
Fast, friendly, "can-do" attitude help desk for support when you need it.

30 Day, 100% refund
If you're not happy with the service we'll refund your hosting cost back3.

1Annual plans are cheaper than paying by the month
2Maximum of 1000 emails sent per hour. Unlimited receive.
3Does not include domain name registration costs.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is without doubt one of the most popular website frameworks available today. You can use WordPress to create a beautiful website, blog or app and it's free. It's so popular that 32% of the web uses WordPress. That's a lot of websites!

One of the most powerful features of WordPress is its ability to be extended with plugins to do just about anything you could possibly want with your website. In fact, there are over 54,000 WordPress plugins available. They are easy to install and you'll be building your awesome website in half the time.

The hardest part of using WordPress for most people is getting it installed on their webhosting account. Thankfully at UpTime we've made the whole process automatic. When you order WordPress web hosting with us we automatically install and configure everything for you. All you need to do is log in and go!