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If you would like all emails for your domain to be forwarded to other email addresses you can set this up at the domain level. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the client area on our website:
  2. Click on Domains
  3. Click the spanner icon for the domain you would like to manage (not the drop down)
  4. In the manage panel on the left at the bottom check that you have Email Forwarding.  if you do, click on this and go to step 6
    If you don't have Email Forwarding you will need to add it. Just follow the next step...
  5. Click on Addons and then click on Buy Now for Email Forwarding. It's free! Follow the purchase process and then go back to step 2
  6. On the Email Forwarding page, click on the + icon to add a forward
  7. In the prefix type in the email address you want to forward without the domain name part.  For example if you want to forward you would type in sales into the prefix
  8. In the Forward To box type in the full email address you want the emails to be sent to. For example
  9. Click on the pencil icon to save the forward.

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