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If your domains are registered with UpTime, and not attached to any hosting, you can forward them to another domain.

Important: If you have existing services on the domain you wish to forward, this process will stop them from working. Domain forwarding will forward all traffic to the destination domain.  This includes web traffic as well as emails, DNS etc.

Setting up Domain Forwarding requires that purchase both DNS Management and Email Forwarding for your domain. If you already have hosting with UpTime, it may be better to add the domain as a Domain Alias or on Add On Domain in your hosting control panel.

Follow these steps to forward your domain:

  • Log in to your UpTime Client Area
  • From the main page click on the Domains box:
  • Click on the domain you would like to Forward:
  • You will need to purchase DNS Host Record Management to enable Domain Forwarding.
    Select Addons from the Manage menu:
  • Purchase the DNS Host Record Management option (It's a one time fee, non-recurring):
  • Repeat the same process for Email Forwarding (It's a one time fee, non-recurring):
  • Once purchased, the Addons section will now look like this:
  • Click the Manage button.
  • Scroll down to the URL Forwards section and click the green plus button:
  • Leave the Hostname box empty (it will automatically fill in for you)
  • Type in the destination domain. This should be a full URL including the https:// at the start.
  • Leave the Type as URL Forward
  • Click the green tick button:
  • A confirmation message will be displayed:
  • Please note it can take up to 48 hours for your domain forward to come into effect.


Your nameservers must be set to the following for Domain Forwarding to work:

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