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At UpTime, we provide free website monitoring so you can be rest assured that your website is online.

How to order

Follow these steps to order your free monitoring:

  • Make sure you are already logged in to our website client area
  • Now select this link to order your free plan:
    Order free website monitoring
    (Please note that only one free Lite plan is available per account)
  • On the configure screen select the domain you would like to monitor and click on Checkout.
    Only the Lite plan is free.
  • Complete the checkout process:
  • Once your order is confirmed, click on the Continue To Client Area button or click this link:
  • On your Client Area homepage, you will now see the 360 Monitoring card:

Your website is now being monitored 24x7.  If any issues occur, you will be sent an email.

With the Lite plan, your website is checked every 10 minutes.

You can upgrade your plan to include more frequent checks, monitor more than one website and add on extra features such as Site Content Checking, email blacklist tracking and multi-channel alerts.

For more information on the different plans, view the pricing here:

Further Configuration

  • Click on the Manage button on the 360 monitoring card.
  • You will see the 360 Monitoring account create screen.
    Here, you will need to provide a password to complete your account creation.
    Type in a secure password and click on the Create an account button.
  • You will now see the 360 dashboard. Click on the websites tab:
  • You will now see a card with your domain and your recent uptime stats:
  • If you click on your domain name in the card, it will open a more detailed monitoring screen:
  • If your website should go offline, an email will be sent to the primary account holder.
    You can change this email address if required by editing the Default Contact in the Alerts screen:
  • You can also change the location your website is monitored from, and further configure the service by editing the website settings.

    We recommend changing the check location to Sydney for accurate connectivity speeds



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