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To get the maximum performance from your Drupal website, we recommend installing the LiteSpeed Cache module.

Follow these instructions to install and set up:

  • Log in to your Drupal website
  • Click on the Extend menu
  • Click on the Add New Module button
  • In the Add from a URL text box enter the link to module.
    You can view the latest version from this webpage:
    You should use the Source Code link that ends in tar.gz
  • Click on Continue to upload the module and after a few seconds you will see a confirmation status:
  • Next, click on the Enable newly added modules link and scroll down to find the LiteSpeed Cache option.
    Tick the box and then click the Install button at the bottom of the page:

  • You will now see confirmation that the module has been installed:
  • The Cache is enabled by default. You can turn off the cache via the Configuration->Development->LSCache Settings option in Drupal.

For more information on using the cache and how it works please review

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