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Some Top Level Domains (TLDs) allow you to enable domain privacy to hide/secure your details from the public registry.

Domain names ending in .au (such as, etc.) do not include this feature. In fact, it's expressly forbidden by the AuDA which are the governing body for all .au domain names.

When you register a .AU domain name you are agreeing to the following licence rules: 

The public information listed for your domain consists of:

  • ABN/ACN/RBN or other eligibility criteria used to register your domain. This is likely to be your business name, club/group name, etc.
  • The name of the Registrant and Technical contact person who is responsible for the domain
  • The email address of the Registrant and Technical contact person.  Your email address is protected via reCAPTCHA and is only available on the auDA website.

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