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Before you make any changes to your WordPress website, it's a good idea to make a backup first.

Using the WordPress Toolkit included in our WordPress hosting, you can create a backup on demand.

Note: If your website has time-sensitive data such as eCommerce functions or site registrations, you should put your website into maintenance mode before making any changes.

How to create a WordPress Back Up

  • Log in to cPanel

  • On the left-hand side, click on WordPress Toolkit or scroll down to the Domains section and click on WordPress Toolkit there

  • Locate your website in the toolkit and click on the Back Up / Restore option

  • Now click on the Back Up button to create your back up
  • After a short while your website will be back up and you can then make your changes as needed.

How To Restore from a Back Up

  • If you need to restore the website access the Back Up / Restore option as per above
  • You will see a list of your previous requested backups:
  • To right of each backup there are three icons which are Restore, Download and Delete

  • Click the Restore icon next to the back up you want to restore.
  • Then click the red Restore button to confirm
  • After a few minutes your website will be back the way it was when you created the backup

Back Up Management

If you need manual access to the WordPress Toolkit backups you will find they are saved in your /wordpress-backups folder by default.  Please not that we do not backup WordPress archives to our offsite backup repository.  It's a good idea to download any WordPress backups you want to keep to your local hard drive.

If you need to restore your website and you don't have a ToolKit backup please contact support for further assistance.


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