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If your hosting plan is based on cPanel you have access to the JetBackup system for restoring your account.

Firstly, log into cPanel and click on the JetBackup icon in the files section:

From the Restore & Download section, click on the type of data you would like to restore:

Full Backups will restore your entire account.
Home Directory lets you select one more files to restore back to your account (great for when you accidently delete a file)
Databases will restore a complete database backup.
Email Accounts will restore one or more Email accounts.

When you select the restore type you can select from which back up would to restore from. The latest backup is already selected.
Click on the Choose Other Backup button to select an earlier backup if available:

Click on the row of the item(s) you would like to Restore and then click on the Restore button at the bottom of the screen:

Note you also have the option of downloading the backup as your own off-site copy if required.

Whenever you restore or download a backup it will go into the server processing queue.

You can view the restore Queue (and Downloads) from the main JetBackup screen (or the left-hand side toolbar):


It's also recommended that you enter your email address in the Manage Account section if you'd like to be notified via email regarding your backup and restores.

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