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When you order a domain name, you will be asked what nameservers you would like to use. Setting the correct nameservers is essential in connecting your domain to your web hosting.

Thankfully, if you order a domain name and web hosting at the same time from UpTime, we will configure these automatically for you.

However, if you are migrating a domain name or have ordered an additional domain name for your hosting, you may need to set the nameservers to the correct values.

Depending upon the type of hosting you purchase, your nameservers will be different. 

For cPanel, WordPress and WebGoo hosting, set your nameservers to:


If you wish to park your domain set your nameservers to:


For Plesk, VPS or other services please contact support for your nameservers as they will differ based on your service

Updating Nameservers

You can easily update the nameservers yourself via our client area. Please follow this guide:

  1. Login to our Client Area

  2. From the main dashboard click on Domains

  3. From your domain list click on the domain you would like to change:

  4. From the Manage toolbox click on Nameservers

  5. If you need to override the default nameserver settings, select: Use custom nameservers
    Then enter your required nameservers

    If you'd like to set your nameservers back to the default, select: Use default nameservers

  6. Then click the Change Nameservers button

Warning It can take up to 24 hours for a nameserver change to propagate across the internet. Setting the wrong values can result in your website and emails being offline. If you're not sure on what to do here please create a helpdesk ticket and we'll be happy to help.



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