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You can change the contact details on a domain at any time, but the registrant information is locked on the domain. This is because the registrant's information is tied to the eligibility of the domain owner.

Changing the registrant information requires the domain to be cancelled and renewed with the new eligibility information of the new owner. Any remaining registration time left on the domain will be lost.

You can change your registrant information directly from our Client Area.  Remember that the registrant's email address must be active as they need to authorise the change.

Follow these steps to change your domain ownership:

  1. Log in to our Client Area:

  2. From the main menu click on Domains->My Domains

  3. Click on the domain you would like to change from your domains list:
  4. In the Manage panel, click on Initiate CoR

  5. Any remaining registration time left on the domain will be void.
    You will need to select the new registration period from the drop-down:
  6. Click on Create Invoice. Once you have paid this invoice, an email will be sent to the current domain registrant, asking them to confirm the change.
  7. Once the change has been approved, the domain registration will be reset, and your new registrant details can be applied.

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