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If our security system has detected that your website has been infected by a virus or includes malware we will alert you and give you a short window of time to fix your website.

If your website remains infected, we will either attempt to clean it for you or disable your hosting completely.  Hosting malicious files on our platform is a direct violation of our terms and services. We understand that this may unintentionally happen on your part.

Keeping your website up to date and free of infections is your responsibility. We've made this easier for you by including Imunify360 with all of our cPanel and Lightning hosting plans.

Even though Imunify360 will clean your website, it may become infected again if you don't fix the issue.

Please ensure that your website is up to date, all plug-ins and add-ons have been upgraded and that you are using reliable software.

Failure to keep your hosting account will result in your account being suspended.
You may also want to consider installing a third-party security add-on on your website. W

Cleaning Your Site

  1. Log in to your cPanel account
  2. Scroll down to the Security section and click on ImmunifyAV
  3. Select your infected files and delete them.
  4. Warning, adding infected files to your ignore list will not fix the issue and will result in your account being terminated.

If you require assistance or guidance with cleaning your website please create a support ticket and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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